Our Winery

Our winery processes on average 12-15 million kg of grapes annually, and has a storage capacity of 160 thousand hl, or 16 million litres.

The past decade has been driven by large-scale investment and development aimed at attaining the state-of-the-art technology necessary for a modern major winery; where all the high-tech and personnel conditions have been created to provide a permanent, reliable quality satisfactory to the modern consumer demand for wines at the greatest cost efficiency. To this end - through tenders when available – our grape processing has been enhanced by gentle pneumatic presses and the instalment of large-scale flotation devices for grape must (juice) clarification. We have also increased the capacity of the temperature controlled cold fermentation in stainless steel vats, and installed a protective gas pipeline system throughout the plant in order to protect our wines from the undesirable effects of oxidation. All these have high importance in the modern reductive winemaking technology; essential for the production of fresh, fruity white and rosé wines.

In the case of red wines as well - taking into account local conditions - the preparation of fresh, fruity, easy to understand and enjoyable wines has hit the target. The existing Defranceschi conventional processing system has been augmented by rototank fermentation system.

Besides improvements in wine-making technology, in order to maintain the professional quality of our work, we have tried to keep abreast of modern world trends by continuing to increase our knowledge about wine and winemaking. To this end, our winery employed the consultant Clive Hartnell, New Zealand’s "flying winemaker" in person for three harvests. While Clive has been jetting around the world for many years (France, Australia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Hungary) he returns to his home country on a regular basis. Our relationship is alive today, and our staff can always depend on his thoughts and advice.

The last phase of development has been the expansion and modernisation of the bottling plant, the result of which has been that the whole process (from unstacking to loading pallets) is now fully automated. The high performance monoblock rinsing, filling and closing system operates at the highest technical standard, ensuring maximum sterilisation and protection of the wines from oxidation. Consequently, the wines are more fresh and fruity.

In the interest of environmental protection, we have also built our own sewage treatment plant.