Established in 1968, the Kiskőrösi ÁG (Kiskőrös State Farm) Winery was privatised in 1994. In 2001, the winery changed ownership and management and as a consequence, underwent a major transformation and evolution. The company’s financial position was solidified, processes were streamlined, and a stable, satisfied customer base has been built over the last few years. Subsequently, this has meant a dynamic increase in processed grapes, wine production and ultimately, sales. Our success is also thanks in part to the skills of our colleagues as well as the continuous technical and technological developments in recent years. Today, WEINHAUS Ltd. is not only one of the largest grape processors and wine producers in the region, but also in all of Hungary.

Our company attaches particular importance to food safety and guaranteed product quality. Therefore, alongside the HACCP system, we have also established and operated a quality management system certified against IFS Food standard since 2008.

Trade and Sales 

Our goal is the reliable and stable production of good quality wines that arrive at our customers’ tables at a reasonable price. Therefore, we focus on products that are a good value for money. Moreover, we seek to provide a range of products to satisfy the needs of a wider customer base. Whether the customer is a young party animal, established and middle-aged, or retired with greying temples, they can all find an appropriate wine from our selection.

Besides concentrating on the wine quality and steady advancements, the other parallel priority for the company has been the refreshing of the image of its product lines so that their appearance also reflects their quality and dynamic development. These efforts have meant the broadening of our target groups and the direction of our efforts. 

Our products can be found on the shelves of almost all the major chains (Tesco, Interspar, Spar, Auchan, Lidl, Metro).

Annually, approximately 10 million bottles of our wines are sold for domestic consumption. However, our products can also be found on Polish, Czech, Slovak, Japanese and US store shelves.